Wrestling: Hoyontan rubbishes claims of tricks against big opponents

Jun 15, 2021, 2:30 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

Gambia’s king of the Arena, Hoyontan has rubbished claims stated against him that he always comes up with tricks for not wanting to fight whenever he faced with big opponents, thereby waiting and relying on referee’s decisions.

Many wrestling fans in the country believe that Hoyontan will never come up with the spirit of fighting whenever he is faced with big and tough opponents.

Meanwhile, Hoyontan won both opponents (Leket and France) on referee’s decision but the Kukujang-based wrestler, who is believed to be one of the best wrestlers in the country right now, said that he had never come with the intention of not fighting with both wrestlers during their bouts.

“I’ve never played any tricks in any of my fights against big opponents. I never ran away during my fights against both Leket Bu Barra and France.

 “I challenge anyone to go and watch the fight again on videos, I never runaway or play any tricks for not wanting to fight against either of them,” he reacted.

According to him, he fought with bigger opponents compared to Leket and France, adding that if he was going to be afraid to fight any opponents, then it’s better to stop being a wrestler.

He also went on to react to the fine of D23, 500 by the Gambia Wrestling Association (GWA) after his proposed fight against Double Tyson two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the GWA justified the fine against Hoyontan, while Hoyontan expressed disappointment.

He added that he did all what was required of him together with his staff, noting that even if he entered the ring with more than the required number of persons as claimed by the GWA, then it would not be more than two people.

The lead wrestler of the Club, Ndongo Ceesay, said that his management has written to the association over the claim and are now waiting on the final decision.

Hoyontan, who is also preparing to face Baye Mandione in Senegal again after he won the first contest in Banjul on referee’s decision, said that his preparation was on high gear, noting that he always train even if he was not having bout to contest.

He finally said that as a wrestler, he would never be afraid to fight with any opponent he face, noting that even though he respects all the opponents.

There are claims from the wrestling stakeholders in the country about some of Senegalese wrestlers believed to be here disobeying the rules and regulations governing the wrestling in the country.