Wrestling: France confirms supremacy over Tapha Tine

Jun 10, 2022, 12:50 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

France of Banjul Saku Ham Ham got back to winning ways after beating Tapha Tine of Tallinding Mbolo in front of thousands of people at the Independence Stadium in Bakau on Sunday evening.

The Banjul-based wrestler finally put to bed any comparison between him and the Tallinding-based wrestling after he proved doubters wrong during a fight organised by Lamin Cham of Champions Sound Promotion.

The bout was slow to get going from the referee's whistle as both wrestlers took some time to reflect on what to do to earn the victory.

France as expected did not wait for long before walking towards his opponent. However, Tapha was the first to hit France who did not retreat as he paid back with a double jab on Tapha Tine who was on his way down before France pushed him to ground to record his 11 victory in 15 outings.

Konj Bii of Jabang Mbolo recorded his first career victory with a defeat over Boy Sukuta of Club Sukutankulu; Leybou Ndoye of Bakau defeated Boy Jola of Tysinger Family; Findiferr of Nema continued his unbeaten run with a victory over Bebe Buwassor of Bundung while Kani Gu Sew of Club Feke Ma Si Boleh overpowered Boy Justice of Jabang United respectively.

Meanwhile, in the wrestling with boxing locally called ‘Boureh Dorr’: Soldaru Sheikh of Club Paradise Mbolo returned to winning ways with a hard-fought victory over Boy Ndungu Kebbeh of Club Ndungu Kebbeh; Fis De One of Tallinding United lost to Sinyel 2 of Tallinding Japoo in a Tallinding derby fight.

However, the much anticipated bout between Armeh of Club Sanchaba Ham Sa Chossan and Lionuwar of Club Serekunda Mbolo was called-off.

The bout was set to go according to plan as both entered the ring, performing their pre-combat rituals when all of a sudden, Armeh claimed he could not see.

He claimed that Lionuwar threw some substance into his eyes. He was, however, later taken to hospital after receiving some first-aid care from the medics on the ground. 

Nonetheless, that disappointment did not last long with the grand combat between France and Tapha Tine ending successfully with a victory for the Banjul based wrestler.