NBRFA affiliate teams to compete in Regional FA Cup tournament

Aug 2, 2022, 11:09 AM

Following the success of the North Bank Region Football Association (NBRFA) Third Division Regional final staged over the weekend, another competition that will encompass all teams affiliated with the Regional FA scheduled to kick off in August 2022.

The competition named Regional FA Cup will bring together 16 teams in two groups.

Group A comprises Essau United having reached the Regional final.

Other teams in the group are Kunta kinteh FC, Barra United, Jokadou United, Jambar FC, Aljamdu and Revolution United respectively.

Group B comprises of League champions Rockland United. They are to qualify to the second round as Regional champions.

2nd Infantry, Noo Kunda, Blacka Academy, Region United, Raba FC, Illiassa United, Star Academy and Civil Servants will compete the lineup for Group B.

Matches would be played in three designated grounds; Essau, Kerewan and Farafenni mini stadia.

The tournament is the NBRFA's most prestigious football competition that brings together teams affiliated with the FA to engender more competition amongst the teams and create a platform to gather more player pool targeting the grassroots.


  1. Essau United
  2. Kunta Kinteh
  3. Barra United
  4. Jokadou United
  5. Jambar FC
  6. Aljamdu
  7. Revolution United


  1. Rockland United
  2. 2nd Infantry
  3. Noo Kunda
  4. Blacka Academy
  5. Region United
  6. Raba FC
  7. Illiassa United
  8. Star Academy
  9. Civil Servants