Tribute to my beloved mother: Aji Fatoumata Joof

Aug 24, 2020, 4:51 PM | Article By: Momodou Musa Joof, MD/CEO, West Africa Takaful Insurance Company

The Late AjiFatoumataJoof


My esteemed family extension, indispensable friends and all relatives,I join my family in extending our profound gratitude for all the prayers you offered to our Departed Mother on the 8th August, 2020. We thank you all for your support while praying that Almighty Allah (S.W) rewards you abundantly. May He, Subhanahu Watallah, continues to guide, protect and keep us steadfast with our ‘Deen’.

The very hard lesson I learnt with my mother passing away in my arms despite all resources availed to us by Allah to rescue her life, is enough for mankind to truly give up and continue praying for a cleansed heart free of hatred, greed and corruption of all forms found in this short transitional so-called world. I sincerely wish to remind all of us about this day, a day that we will depart from this world. It is a day we are all waiting for.  This day is more real than any pandemic.  This day is just around us and therefore, we should all learn not to be misguided by status, wealth and all otherforms of worldly powers or prestige that continue to infect mankind. We are promised a reward in the hereafter by being patriotic, empathetic and genuine in building a positive legacy. 

I pray that Allah helps us all, have more mercy on us and save us from the strangling grip of ‘Saitan’. AMEEN

Momodou Musa Joof and Family


10 Kairaba Avenue, Serekunda.