Politics; others’ way of life

Oct 20, 2020, 12:24 PM | Article By: Dawda Nenegalleh Jallow

Weeks leading to 2016 presidential election, they came to us, spoke big grammar, confused us, built castles in air and we clapped for them. Came the D-Day, we voted them in and they failed us big time.

Months leading to the 2021 presidential election, be rest assured that they will come and they will try to justify the mess they’ve done. Some of them will blame others and then others will defend and put the blame on events; the political impasse and COVID-19. Nko, your voter’s cards are yours and the most important tool in the decision-making process. Use them wisely!

Gambian politicians will always come; no matter the number of times they’re given the opportunity and they fail, they will come and still devise mechanisms to make us have reasons to believe them. No matter how small, how free or how uneducated they are, never underestimate Uncle Demba, Sister Filly, Brother Moses, etc, because when they come, they will tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to know. Politicians’ game, right!

Politicians are blessed with the power to possess and these political parties are more or less like cult groups. Yes, CULTISM. If you fall prey to their tricks, you get hypnotized and anything they say or do, no matter wrong or right, their spirits control you in believing that everything is all right. They will not be happy with this but there’re a lot of things that happen behind the scenes in our political parties and that’s the bitter truth, and no wonder why we’ve a lot of political fanatics.

Politicians will come and they’re always be manipulative but when they come, tell them the facts, rationalise what they say, use your instincts and then logically decide. As a country, we must not allow politicians divide us because our SOCIAL BOND must be twice stronger than that of our POLITICAL BOND to able to peacefully live together, happily strive together and triumphantly win together.

Politicians will come; they might speak jargons, they will make empty promises and they will be manipulative because that’s their way of life but when they finish all those, let us maintain the healthy relationships and vote for progress as 1821 days is a long wait for another election.

One Gambia, One People!