Sep 14, 2022, 12:57 PM | Article By: Muhammed Sidibeh/The Magnetic Poet

From Monday to Friday, 
From every weekday,
From morning of 8:00 o'clock and her day,
To morning of the same day...
My mug of coffee,
Her mug of coffee,
Our mugs of coffee,
I mean 'Coffee Time With Peter Gomez'.
For this programme the poet has a cult of love;
Love of curve,
And curve of turf.
Hooked by the gripping voice of a man,
The engrossing diction of a man,
The spellbinding intonation of a man,
The harmonic commatism of a man,
The captivating clarity of a man,
The grammatical shrewdness and sophisticatedness of a man,
All wrapped in his baby sling.
I call him The Philosophical Peter;
The Psychological Peter,
The Poetic Peter,
Not The English Peter,
But our very own learned Gambian Peter Gomez.
During the programme,
In front of the microphone is the yachtsman,
Who yachts and paddles the passengers safely.
As he does,
I hear his rambling questions.
I enjoy his humour.
I admire his adherence to the canons of journalism,
As well as his professionalism.
To those invitees, 
Among them confluence of intellectuals,
Welcome to West Coast Radio.
Welcome to a Wider Community Radio.
For an ardent follower I am;
His right hand I am.
And above all, a grateful citizen.
Thus I say THANK YOU.
For your invaluable service to nation Gambia, THANK YOU.
'Coffee Time With Peter Gomez'; 
'Coffee Fine With Peter Gomez'.