Can we turn a sad event into a Positive National, Continental, or Worldwide Project to help Millions?

Apr 15, 2020, 4:15 PM | Article By: Jarga Kebba Gigo

A blind petty trader was allegedly ‘robbed’ by a taxi driver in the Gambia and you bet something similar happens in many countries? Are you ready to offer more than empathy or even financial help to the particular victim? How about smart body cameras for the disabled to prevent and solve similar abuses? We share the Gambia, Africa, and the world to check our varying levels of character. Thousands heard the news at once, but our hearts and minds reacted differently, our words and subsequent actions will also vary in the eyes of our detail oriented Lord. I am fairly certain that a business person, politician, or caring activist will in one form or another help the victim recover, but can we do better? My suggestion or plan to fund ‘Body Cameras for the Disabled or physically challenged’ can raise billions or millions of dollars and distribute millions of body cameras beyond the blind. Just like it is not hard to find one thousand Gambians who will contribute one hundred dalasis (about two dollars) to help this above average Gambian woman, I think it is relatively easy to find millions of people to contribute ten to hundred dollars to help prevent and solve crimes against the disable. It may require trusted public figures, a verifiable transparent means of crowd funding, a think tank with an efficient system of verifiable delivery team.

A worldwide positive reaction will be best. So imagine Our First lady, Mr. Halifa Sallah, or XYZ  contacting millionaires or billionaires like Dangote, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Akon, Sarjo Mane, Barrack Obama, etc to spearhead the crowd funding with or without a matching fund option. Imagine an ad from a well known philanthropist: ‘My name is XYZ, we have an estimated xyz number of blind or disable folks in Africa alone and how much more worldwide? Now that we have the technology to help these people in many different ways, I want you to join me to help in the spirit of reciprocal law. I am pledging one million to one billion dollar through a matching fund... Meaning, I am contributing a minimum of one million dollars, but if you and other folks contribute whatever you can reasonable afford, I will match the funds up to a billion dollar. If you help us raise hundred million dollars, then I will contribute hundred million dollars instead of one million; if we raise billion dollars or more, I will contribute at least one billion dollar. We will have some state of the art body cameras in sunglasses, head wears, belts, shoes, etc. Through IP addressing and a special gadget, recipients will be able to turn on or off long distance monitoring through a national agency, regional one, a private trustee, etc. Special alarms and other features will be made simple to the best of our abilities. Individuals, companies, organizations, and even governments can contribute to help build a better world. Focus on where it can help than where you assume it won’t work. Contribute through our xyz website or at least share.

A continental or national approach can also work. Almost every government can allocate at least one million dollars to such and regain much more through working... For 25 countries, that will mean  at least 25 million dollars for a camera factory or at least a brand towards a culture of cameras. We can sell to regular folks, give huge discounts or free of charge to the disable. The benefits goes way beyond crime prevention and solving, and the Gambian blind petty trader (ms. Jallow) is a perfect example. Many Gambian women have the mindset of depending on a husband, a higher percentage of the disable rely on ‘street begging’, but she and how many can do better with body cameras? Her business (petty trading) is perhaps worth less than one thousand dollars, so only a desperate heartless person will rob her ‘big’, but how many Gambian kids are capable of minor stealing from such? Motion detection Cameras will give us the abilities to quickly scan an eight hour period in about five to fifteen minutes, sometimes. Meaning, we can even employ blind folks as sales people with minimal level of risk. Among my first reaction to the sad news was stress against my health, but also questioning if sales was ideal for such in a dishonest society?  With cameras, the blind and other disable folks can do many other work. So it is a working opportunity investment, not just crime prevention and solving. Take a chunk from your anti-marijuana budget, your cars and fuel budget for police, cut your budget on political rallies with questionable promises to youths and the disable, etc and significantly help beyond this woman of courage and effort oriented mindset. Just like the woman does not prefer to be dependent, many marijuana folks hate to be dependent but if you deny them working opportunities or stigmatize them, we may not get the best of them. A multi-billion dollar marijuana contract can help on such than the empathy, rage, and minor help you may react with, for good or bad reason.

The news was made on  a purpose with questionable drama and people reacted differently. This article is also written on a purpose, so individuals, media houses, and beyond will react differently to it. You have an obligation to accept it or make it better. When people share this enough, a media personnel from this or another country may take it to a much higher level. S/he may confront the authorities and suggest to caring bussiness folks towards helping millions of folks who are much more challenged than you and I. Presently, I am more concern with helping release millions of marijuana folks from government abuse than helping millions of ‘disable folks’ with highly beneficial cameras. So I cannot head or give constant push for this project, but I can be part of the think tank to help realize the mutual uplifting. I thank God for the inspiration and giving me the courage to write about it , and openly invite you and others to take it from here.  May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An activist and Transformer