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Without parades Cuba will celebrate a May Day of solidarity reaffirmation and against the blockade

Apr 15, 2020, 3:33 PM

Havana, April 13 (ACN) Although this year the traditional parade for May Day will not take place, the Cuban Workers Central (CTC) and its national unions called their members today to celebrate the date with initiatives that reaffirm the solidarity of the Revolution and demand an end to the unjust US blockade of the Island.

In an appeal published this Monday by the Trabajadores newspaper, the labor movement recalls that considering the situation that the world and the country are experiencing today in the confrontation with COVID-19, the Cuban government, among many other measures aimed at preserving the life of the town, established to suspend all activity that involves agglomeration of people.

Our union movement fully shares and supports this decision, and consequently agreed not to hold the traditional May Day parade, International Workers Day, this year.

Hence the call to celebrate that significant date with initiatives that help reaffirm our solidarity with those who receive the negative impacts of neoliberal policies that cause the loss of their social gains, the appeal indicates.

It will be a day in which our people will recognize the extraordinary effort that health workers are making today, especially the more than 600 Cuban doctors and other specialists who, as part of the Internationalist Contingent Henry Reeve, face the pandemic in 19 countries.

This is a new expression of the humanist and solidarity vocation of the Cuban Revolution and the high qualification of our health professionals, demonstrated in 59 countries where they have saved the lives of tens of thousands of people, highlights the call of the CTC and their unions.

In contrast, he says next, at this very difficult time for humanity, the United States government is determined to intensify measures aimed at preventing the Cuban people from accessing the resources necessary to overcome this dangerous disease, by limiting the arrival of food, medicines, fuels and other essential goods.

As if this were not enough, he exhorts the governments of other countries to reject our solidarity aid and he does not stop in his campaign to discredit the values of Cuban medicine.

The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on our country by the United States government for more than 60 years, has not prevented us from today offering solidarity to many countries of the world, including the possibility of using the Recombinant Human Interferon Alpha2B, A drug produced in Cuba that is effectively contributing to the treatment of those with COVID-19, the appeal states.

Friends of the world, she says later: We invite you to join our fight and demand the lifting of this unjust and criminal blockade, which affects not only all Cubans, but also other peoples who today need our solidarity help.

The example of China, Russia and Cuba is a convincing example that when political will exists, solidarity can be transformed into practical facts.

The planet is one, let’s defend it !, the virus does not make a difference between rich and poor, black and white, men and women, therefore, we all have the obligation to fight, united, with the resources we have and share them. We trust that together we can do it!

The Cuban Workers Central and the unions take this opportunity to ratify their thanks to all the organizations and friends who always accompany us in the celebration of May Day, and to those who send solidarity messages on this significant date, for their constancy, for to believe in Cuba, in its Revolution, in its union movement, in the workers and in the Cuban people.

Strength in these difficult times! The appeal concludes.

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