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Project Aid donates 11,000 face masks to NBR health facilities

Jul 22, 2020, 11:03 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

In complementing government efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the country, Project Aid The Gambia recently donated 11,000 washable and re-usable face masks to 27 health facilities in the North Bank Region. The ceremony was held at Buniadu health center.

During the presentation, the provider emphasized that the face masks are not meant for sale but for the use by staff and patients of the health facilities. The masks will be collected from the patients upon leaving and afterwards washed in hot water with OMO, dried and on another day re-issued to patients again.

Malick Jones, who deputised for the Chairman of Project Aid said the day marks another milestone in Project Aid partnership in associating with the government of the Gambia especially the ministry of Health with which it has signed a memorandum of understanding to contribute and play a partnership role in maintaining a solid and vibrant health sector in the Gambia.

“A lot of people are associating with this virus, saying that it is not an African disease, is a disease of the white man”, he said adding that so many people are making it very difficult to comprehend and abide by the stated rules and regulations laid down by World Health Organisation (WHO).

There are a lot of people in the Gambia who are not abiding by the rules and regulations and sometime I wonder if this virus is not prevented, it would be a disaster, he added.

Ebrima Jobarteh, Project Coordinator for Project Aid in Buniadu Health Center said Project Aid is a registered International NGO that started operation in The Gambia as early as 1991. In 2007, they established a nursery at Jahally, and in 2012, refurbished Jabakunda health center to a modern clinic. In 2017, they had a partnership with RVTH.

Ousman Sarjo, representative of the Regional Health Directorate for North Bank Region acknowledged the media for their support as well as in creating awareness in the society, adding that the pandemic is rotating globally and in Africa, it is difficult for people to change their attitudes as far as health is concerned.