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Wellingara sensitized on importance of education

Nov 9, 2020, 12:51 PM | Article By: Ousman Jallow

Natives of Wellingara in Sami district, Central River Region north were recently sensitized on the importance of education by government authorities.   

The aim of the sensitisation was to discuss the importance of education in order to reduce the illiteracy rate in Wellingara especially among young ones.                  

Education is very important in the lives of mankind and is the most powerful and most essential tool for human beings.

Education promotes awareness, peace, health, agriculture, economic sustainability and other developmental area.                               

The governor of the region Sheriff Abba Sanyang described the sensitisation as very important and timely, noting that it improve students enrolment and reduces the illiteracy rate in Wellingara especially among children.

He called on people of the village to send their children to school and give them the chance to learn so that they can be productive citizens as well as contribute to national development.                     

Pa Gumbo Saine of SAFMU said everyone has the right to education, adding that education is the first thing we should give our children.

He called on parents to take education seriously in order to bring changes within the village.

Oumie Jallow, CRR gender focal point highlighted the dangers related to illiteracy in society saying without education poverty will remain.

Regional director for education, region five Paul Mendy said a country wouldn’t develop without education. Mr. Mendy described children as future leaders and therefore called on all parents to send their children to school.

“Through knowledge a person can bring rapid development for his or her people”, director Mendy said.