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WADEMOS urges ECOWAS to defend democracy, rule of law

Feb 14, 2024, 12:01 PM | Article By: Isatou Ceesay Bah

West Africa Democracy Solidarity Network (WADEMOS), a network of over 47 pro-democracy national and transnational Civil Society Organizations working in the West Africa region and beyond, has called on ECOWAS to defend democracy and the rule of law in the region.

In a strong worded statement, the WADEMOS, network also affirmed its stance and urged the sub-regional grouping to enforce its supplementary protocols on democracy and good governance, without fear or favour towards any regime or political leader.

In a statement, the network which has been closely monitoring with keen interest the recent political developments in Senegal, said its stands in solidarity with their brothers and sisters and the civil society organizations in Senegal in their strong opposition against President Macky Sall’s recent decision to postpone the country’s presidential election initially slated for February 25, 2024.

To this end, it expressed its unilateral action against President Macky Sall, which has put the country into a needless political and constitutional crisis, representing a disappointing setback for Senegal.

The latest incident, it affirmed stained the image of a country that has made steady and exemplary progress in building a stable democratic society underpinned by respect for the rule of law and an unbroken tradition of free, fair and inclusive elections.”

“Human life, in the manner of their response to citizens who are merely exercising their democratic and constitutional right to express their justified displeasure and anger at these disturbing developments. We implore all segments of Senegalese society to work together to find a peaceful and quick resolution to the crisis provoked by the President’s action.”

WADEMOS, is independent and a non-partisan network of diverse national and transnational civil society organizations and civic groups working to promote and defend democracy, good governance and inclusive development in the West Africa region.

It mobilises, coordinates and leverages the collective voice and power of civil society and other pro-democracy actors, resources, and opportunities within the West Africa region in a bid to advance its mission.

The network, which has it secretariat in Accra, Ghana, has a current membership 47 civil society organization that spread across West Africa.