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UTG gives D16M to staff for research

Feb 11, 2021, 1:14 PM | Article By: Emmanuel Adomako

In recognition of the importance of research, the University of the Gambia has allocated special funds designed for its academic staffers interested in conducting research.

The event that took place on campus grounds had in attendance the school administrative body with those to be rewarded the research contracts.

At the ceremony, Professor Perrier Gomez, deputy vice chancellor of the UTG, explained that this was the first time since the existence of the university that funds from the coffers of the UTG have been made readily available for proper research.

He explained that the university deems it necessary to support its staff in their research, thus creating a body in charge of research headed by the Director of Research and Consultancy.

Prof Gomez was also hopeful that the investments would yield positive results at the end of the year.

He explained that there are key functions of the university, which are the transfer of knowledge, innovation, and research and its application to the nation.

He, however, stated that the university has mainly been focused on teaching and learning areas but not much attention is paid on research, saying that UTG staff members don’t take part in research due to lack of funding.

He concluded that these research projects are just the beginning and that funds will be increased from 16 to 43 million over the years to come.

“A university without research is tasteless.” says Dr. Lamin Sanyang, the newly appointed Director of Research and Consultancy.

“Through research we can identify problems and look for solutions and then we can achieve national development. There were 45 proposals from all the schools that were reviewed by a committee of experts, who were tasked to ensure the proposals were worth funding and that would add to national development amongst other guidelines to be followed.41 of those proposals were accepted at the end of the review.”