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The Game Changer

Feb 28, 2022, 1:31 PM

Coming into the Real Estate market with the desire to help ease the process of property acquisition, Saul Frazer paved the way to making access to home ownership a reality for many!

A rigorous process previously filled with endless protocols and very little guidance, the establishment of his company Global properties set the standards by providing real estate solutions that simplify the process for buyers across the Globe. A journey that many lacked interest in was easily transformed into a business venture motivating customers to engage in real estate investments from built properties to land banking. One he called “own a piece of Gambia.”

Prior to establishing his business, Mr. Frazer realized a major age gap of individuals who owned property. It was in their late forties that men would begin to engage in searching for properties of their own. Although many factors contributed to the matter but access and affordability were key components that restricted many from venturing in property ownership. With this awareness, Mr. Frazer set out to provide an irresistible offer that would build trust and engage all customer types, both men and women into the buying process.

With this mindset, he launched the first affordable mortgage scheme in the country providing access to land ownership starting at just $100.00 (One Hundred Dollars). An offer never seen packaged with access to a leased land that is cleared and demarcated. And the best part of it all, his company would handle all the necessary documentation thus providing a hassle free service across the board. Nothing could be better than this.

The establishment of Global Properties in the Gambia created a platform that established the real estate market, enhanced the dynamics of homebuyers and built trust and confidence in customers to rely on a company to deliver trustworthy services across the board. All of a sudden, the working class, young professionals, newlyweds and women would see themselves owning properties.

The establishment of a real estate market was crucial as it was nonexistent. Contractors existed but the servicing component of the industry did not. Other than social security housing, there were no other establishments offering land buying services nor provided affordable payment plans to customers. If one needed land, they would have to source it directly through a referral which most times end up in scamming situations without any guarantee of sales.

But when Global Properties opened, customers had a go to place that catered all-inclusive services that simplified the real estate buying process for all. Such prompted the involvement of the diaspora who now had access to firsthand opportunities to purchase property direct from a company that can trust. Proper documentation and receipting process encouraged confidence in people to buy and bring referrals.

Slowly but surely others began to parallel the company’s concept and real estate companies began to multiply. Although not all are in line with the standards of Mr. Frazer’s company, many people have ventured into the business in hopes of providing real estate solutions. Some not as successful while others continue to wonder through the landscape, many have cried for standardized measures to be implemented thus ensuring customers interests are protected. In addition such will allow customers to distinguish the well established companies from non performing ones and avoid any possibilities of getting scammed.


At 15 years old this year, Global Properties under the leadership of Mr. Frazer can be recognized as a trendsetter in the real estate industry. As seen over the years, many companies have followed their footsteps in offering real estate services due to the company’s success in the industry. Mr. Frazer has mentored many including his own staff who have successfully started their own real estate companies.


His company continues to strengthen its motto of always seeking innovative ways to diversify its portfolio so they cater to a wider audience. The demand for real estate continues to grow not only in Gambia but in many other west African countries. Just as his company has contributed successfully in the birth of the real estate market in Gambia and Senegal, its agenda is to pursue further expansion in markets that are yet to be penetrated. With immense experience at hand and clear understanding of the processes, the company is bound to be successful within any other environments it tackles.


Mr. Frazer is hopeful and a firm believer that the real estate market is dynamic and filled with endless potential for growth. He understands the country needs real estate companies that will promote further development and no project is too small. Step by step, it’s the pocket developments that will contribute to the bigger objective of making our country a beautiful environment conducive for all.