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Tabital Pulaagu calls for unity

Feb 17, 2021, 1:09 PM | Article By: Isatou Ceesay-Bah

Mamadou Kandeh, president of ‘Tabital Pulaagu’, a breakaway faction of The Gambia chapter of Tabital Pulaagu, an international pro-Fulani organization has called on members of the association to always embrace unity.

Addressing a recent meeting held at Jambang Kombo South, Kandeh reminded that the meeting is designed to bring all Fulas under one umbrella, further urging all to embrace unity for the development of the association.

The event attracted leaders from different tribes in The Gambia, who commended the Fulas for the initiative.

The meeting, he informed, is not a tribal setting and that fighting for the rights and privilege of ‘your tribe is not tribalism.’

“But considering your tribe to be better than others is tribalism.” he stated.

He thanked the president of the Republic Adama Barrow and his government for creating a conducive environment and model democracy to mobilize and discuss issues regarding their tribes and organizations.

 “It was difficult under the former regime. We are not calling on Fulas to stay away from other tribes and be alone, but we want to strengthen relationships among all tribes in the country.” 

Also speaking, Kaddijatou Baldeh, vice president of Tabital Pulaagu Association, lamented several issues confronting the association, noting that Fulas are lagging behind in many areas.

This, she said, is because they don’t want to embrace unity among them.

 “If we don’t embrace unity among ourselves, other tribes will be ahead of us whether we like it or not because they are united. I want to emphasize that the objective of the association is to bring Fulas together and to promote unity among themselves but is not for political reasons.” Baldeh stated.

Bubacarr Cham, secretary general of Tabital Pulaagu underscored the importance of unity, indicating that peace is integral in any socio-economic development.

“Am calling on Fulas to work together and be under one umbrella and please let’s spread the message of love and unity among all.”

Other speakers included Bambe Baldeh, who called on all to embrace unity and peace.

He, however, bemoaned what he called challenges confronting Fulas in assessing national documents especially when they want to travel.