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GAMFEM launched

Dec 30, 2020, 2:06 PM | Article By: Jarra Cham

Great Ambitious Muslimahs for Education and Modesty (GAMFEM),a charity based Islamic association was last Friday launched inThe Gambia.

The initiative seeks to promote the Islamic teachings and the welfare of women and girls,by empowering them within the domain of Islam.The launch attracted Islamic scholars, religious leaders and a cross-section of society from Greater Banjul Area. 

At the launch, president of GAMFEM, Oustass Mariama Jallow said the idea of forming the association came about whenGambian sisters abroad suggested the need for forming an association that will specifically support and empower women and girls within the domain of Islam.

“For that reason we formed the association which is now registered and have written our constitution done.”

She said thatpart ofthe association’s objective is tohelp women and girls who are striving with the Hijab but do not really understand the purpose of it and how to go about it properly.

“GAMFEM will also be helping our sisters who want to cover up and don’t have the means. We will help the vulnerable children in terms of school fees as well as our sisters with the teachings of the Deen” she added.

Another important objective this association, she said is counseling especially on issues relating to marriage, something she observed, is not very common in The Gambia.

She acknowledged that for now they have funds from their own contributions and support made by their sisters abroad. 

Jainaba Fatty, inventory manager of GAMFEM informed that the association has been registered since October 2020 and currently has over 90 members.

She urged women and girls to come forward and register to be members, saying GAMFEM is here for all not only in the Greater Banjul Area but other urban areas as well.

“We will raise funds to buy modesty cloths for women and girls, organise classes for them as well. We also want to do a wider coverage by embarking on sensitisation and educating women folks.”

Sainabou Ceesay, Public Relations Officer of GAMFEM, said they are not an advocacy association but charity organisation that is committed to fighting for the rights of women and girls.

“Allah has helped us that most of our members are well versed in the Quran and students of knowledge too.” she added.

She called on everyone to join GAMFEM and be a member, adding that those interested to join the group are required to pay a membership fee of D50 dalasis.

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