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Sheriffs from sub-region offer national prayers at Essau

Nov 2, 2021, 1:15 PM | Article By: Yusuph Ismail

Sheriff families of Shaykh Malfous Hydara from the sub-region recently gathered at Essau in the North Bank Region to offer national prayers ahead of the country’s December 4th presidential election.


Speaking at the event, Sheriff Shaykh Sarane Hydara explained that the event is part of their mandate as Sheriffs to offer prayers in countries across the sub-region.

He indicated that prayers are the only weapon Muslim deal with and solve issues with the help of God.

He acknowledged that The Gambia is bastion of peace and that peace has to be nurtured in the country.

Hydara thus called on Gambians to advocate for a peaceful election in the country and stay away from violence during and after the election.

George Sonko, chief of Lower Nuimi thanked the family of Shaykh Malfous Hydara for choosing his district to offer national prayers for the benefit of all Gambians.

Chief Sonko acknowledged that peace is priceless and so ‘if someone’ volunteers to pray for the nation, it is a big plus to the country and her citizens’.

He then advised youth to stay away from the violence especially as the country heads to December 4th elections.