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NDMA donates 100 bags of cement to flood victim

Dec 1, 2020, 12:51 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) on Thursday donated one hundred bags of cement worth thirty thousand dalasis (D30, 000) to a disabled flood victim at Madiyanna village, Kombo North.

It could be recalled that Jallow (beneficiary) was among 35 others, who were affected by flash floodslast October, which totally submerged valuable materials and rendered many homeless. However, the donation seeks to help in the rebuilding process, thereby ameliorating the hardships victims face.

Lamin Y. Darboe, programme officer for NDMA recalled that his agency made the gesture following a heavy flood in October that affected over thirty- five (35) homes including the physically challenged, Mamadou Alieu Jallow.  

“There are many victims that were severely affected but their severity differs. Because there is a special person that is disabled and the damages in his house is definitely devastating. Based on that, the NDMA executive director visited this community and promised to respond to this special victim,” he said. 

To that end, he added that the agency deems it necessary to present bags of cement to help in the rebuilding process. “These bags of cement coupled with community participation would boost his ability to start the reconstruction process of his house,” he said.

“The NDMA’s SITREP 004 of Disaster Situational, the report has indicated that over 61,665 persons from 3,391 households have been affected by natural disasters in The Gambia such as flash floods, windstorms, and fire outbreaks as per September 29, 2020.”

Accordingly, he said the agency wants to help Mr. Jallow entirely but currently it only presented the cement as other resources are not available.

“If we get sufficient resources from development partners we will support many disaster victims across the country.”

He thus called on all to help NDMA in supporting disaster victims.

In receiving the items, Mamadou Alieu Jallow, commended NDMA for the support, saying the gesture would help him to reconstruct his destroyed house.

“The flood affected me severely because it fell down my house. But shortly after the flood, NDMA visited the community and met me in a terrible condition.  They promised to support me,” he said.

Jallow equally appealed for more support from both government and philanthropists, as cement alone cannot build a house.

“I have no money to complete the construction. So, I need extra help,” he said.

Sulayman Badjie, chairman for the village development committee (VDC), described the donation as paramount, saying “the victim’s condition is very bad at the moment. So helping him would go a long way in rebuilding his life.”

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