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Alkalolu applauds gov’t for NSPS establishment

Dec 1, 2020, 1:07 PM | Article By: Tumani Baldeh

Alkalolu in provincial Gambia have expressed gratitude to the government of The Gambia for the establishment of the National Social Protection Secretariat (NSPS), which is being funded by World Bank as well as for organizing a nationwide tour of Public Information Campaign (PIC).

Their remarks come, as task force comprising various government departments and agencies engaged local communities during a twenty-day nationwide Public Information Campaign (PIC) on Gambia Social Registry. 

Lankadi village alkalo, Lamin Jawneh welcomed the idea saying it will enlighten households on how to register their households.

He said they face challenges of writing family names, adding they’re always blamed when they miss numbers of household members.

According to him, he was even accused by some people within own his village during the recent covid-19 food relief distribution, who accused him of misrepresenting their household numbers.

Alhagie Saradu Dem, alkalo of Chagally Fulakunda said the move will help minimise criticism and accusation many alkalolu face in their own community especially when it comes to the distribution of items from the government and NGOs.

Samba Njie, alkalo Sinchu Jatali said the nationwide outreach would now help them to register or give out household coupons during government and other assistance that is being allocated to their communities.