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GDC candidate vows to improve living condition of Sami residents

Mar 29, 2022, 12:55 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

Alpha Omar Jallow, Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) candidate for the Sami Constituency in the upcoming parliamentary elections has promised to bring development to the doorstep of residents if elected in April 2022.


Speaking to The Point exclusively, Mr. Jallow said if elected he would work with development philanthropists’ in Europe to bring basic human necessities such as modern water facilities and gardens among others to the doorsteps of Sami residents.

 “I would not depend on government funds to develop my constituency. I have good contacts in Europe and I will work with them to provide boreholes and other social developments for the people of my area, build markets, support women gardeners, support schools and health facilities,” he said.

Jallow, who provided a Lower Basic school for Laminkoto village and a borehole for some villages in Sami, added that if elected, he would make sure residents have more boreholes and support residents in rice cultivation.

Jallow further promised to work with all necessary stakeholders to bring the needed development to residents easily.

 “I did much development for the people of Sami. And I want to do more for them but I am not in position. Therefore, if I am empowered I will do more for my people,” he said.

Mr. Jallow is in a tight political race with four other candidates including Haruna Jallow, an independent candidate, Alfusainey Ceesay, candidate for United Democratic Party (UDP), Musu Keita, candidate for National Peoples’ Party (NPP), Gibbi Dem, candidate for Citizen Alliance (CA).

The GDC candidate however, expressed optimism of winning the parliamentary election in his constituency, saying now voters in the Sami constituency will change and vote for the competent candidate to ensure development at their doorsteps.

Jallow further tasked the electorates in the Sami constituency to assess their candidates to know whether they have ever provided any form of development for the people of Sami before empowering them.

“My message to the people of Sami is: let them vote wisely; let them choose the right candidate; let them vote for development and let them not allow anyone to buy their votes with bags of rice or money,” he urged.

 He further urged the people of Sami Constituency to scrutinise all parliamentary candidates and vote the best.