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Fateemah’s Pad Drive commits to help girls, women with sanitary pads

Sep 9, 2021, 2:15 PM | Article By: Isatou Ceesay-Bah

The Fateemah’s Pad Drive, a women-led organisation has expressed resolve to empower girls and women with sanitary pads and other detergents to improve their hygiene during their monthly menstrual periods.

Founded by Fatoumata Sanneh in 2019, the organisation was set up to help eradicate problems girls and women go through during their menstrual periods.

It also seeks to create awareness in a bid to include women currently serving at the Gambia Prison and Mental and Psychiatric units in the country.

In an exclusive interview with The Point, Fatou Sanneh, founder and feminist, explained that promoting menstrual equity is key in supporting women and girls who can’t access it.

She disclosed that partnering with the young people as an educator about issues like period poverty provides a future where no parent will regard period dissection a taboo in the country.

This, she added, would help find solutions and how to eradicate problems relating to girls going through menstrual periods in The Gambia, thereby promoting menstrual hygiene education among school-going children.

“For years, we have been advocating both online and offline in raising awareness through social media and grass-root mobilisation for women and young girls.”

She indicated that for years most school going girls have been using cloths, toilet paper, leaves and other unhygienic products, which she said, can lead to the development of bacteria and infections for ladies.

“For those without access to good health care, it can quickly lead to serious health problems.”

Sanneh informed that this initiative for years has been supported by individuals, while also making a general appeal to philanthropists, institutions and government to support them execute some of their targets.

Any institutions willing to support can contact this numbers: 2904223/3056669.

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