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Cuban Health heroes in the Gambia:  Dr. Marubia, three missions saving lives in The Gambia

Sep 29, 2021, 11:20 AM | Article By: Msc. Maria Inés Alvarez Garay (*)

D Marubia Rosales Sánchez is a Medicine graduate in 1990, a First and Second Degree specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine, and a Master in medical urgencies and emergencies.

In 1999 she arrived in the Republic of the Gambia for the first time, then she returned in 2007 and now the people welcome her again with open arms and affection that she has more than earned for her beautiful and humane work.

Since August 2019, this brilliant doctor has provided her services at the Kanifing hospital, located in the Gambian Combo, in the Chest clinic consultation.

Our galena has trodden a path of generosity, affection and many lives saved, as is the case of a male 27-year-old patient with a medical history, who comes to the clinic because he has been short of breath and has a productive cough for several months. Both symptoms improve with medication, but restart after treatment ends.

Upon arriving at his consultation, the patient reports shortness of breath that increases with little effort, intermittent fever, dry cough, pleuritic pain, night sweats, lack of appetite and weight loss.

Chest X-rays show a marked increase in the cardiothoracic index, severe cardiomegaly, suggesting the presence of Pericardial Effusion.

The echocardiogram carried out confirmed the presence of a pericardial effusion with fibrin deposits suggestive of tuberculosis.

Negative BAAR.

The GeneXpert MBT is not detected.

It is decided to start therapeutics conjugated with Anti Tb drugs.

The patient presented rapid clinical improvement of the condition until discharge. His treatment lasted 8 months and is currently being followed in the specialized Tb consultation.

There are many cases like these, snatched to death and returned to life, that our heroine of Cuban health, with her dedication, professionalism and altruism, has treated and recovered in this brother country of West Africa.

Thank you very much doctor, women like you honor and decorate our Pacific army in white coats and your patients keep you in their grateful hearts forever.

(*) Professor and collaborator of the Cuban Medical Brigade in the Gambia


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