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Beakanyang trains adolescent girls on social bullying

Oct 8, 2021, 12:25 PM | Article By: Momodou Jawo

BeakanyangKafo, a leading human rights organisation in The Gambia, in collaboration with The Gambia Press Union (GPU) and the National Youth Council (NYC), with funding from UNDP yesterday began a two day training for adolescent girls on social bullying, women political participation, peaceful election, among others.

The theme for the forum is making online space safer for young women. The convergence held at a local hotel in Bijilo brought together 30 young women from different youth organisations in the country, including students of different tertiary institutions within the Greater Banjul Area.  

Nfamara Jawneh, Executive Director of Beakanyang underscored the significance of the two days forum and urged participants to disseminate the knowledge gained with their colleagues.

He highlighted that the participation of women in electoral and democratisation processes of the country is key especially for potential voters, adding: “During the two days training, participants will be trained on cyber-bullying issues, among a host of other issues with the objectives of protecting them from bullying.”

Mr. Jawneh described hate speech as a cause for concern in the country, further claiming “People are now using all kinds of hate speech against each other especially on the internet which of course needs to stop. We are also aware of the challenges and the opportunities that social media provides for us. Therefore, in the next two days, you will learn about some of the bullying, among others so that you can all remain safe while on the internet.” 

He urged participants to continue strengthening the country’s democratisation process.

“We encourage you all to remain civil with a view to ensuring that this year’s election is held peacefully.”

Muhammed M.S. Bah, Vice President of The Gambia Press Union (GPU) urged participants to make best use of the training, adding: “We are heading for very important elections. This is the first election we are going to have in a clear democracy.  Do not allow  to be used by politicians or political actors with the aim of bullying each other or castigating others. You can use social media sites but in a positive manner.”

“If we break the country now, then we are failing ourselves. Let us not jeopardise the country’s peace for the interest of a few individuals. Let’s desist from bullying each other and stop being used by politicians. Let’s sensitise our people and urge them to desist from tribal politics,” he stated.