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Baxi Bombong Couture awards Taranga FM Journalist

Mar 22, 2022, 1:25 PM | Article By: Jankey Ceesay

Baxi Bombong Couture (BBC),a tailoring shop has decorated Modou Lamin Joof of Taranga FM with a king chair and a traditional male dress locally called ‘Haftan’ in recognition of the excellent work he  renders in line of his work.

The handing over was done at The Gambia Press Union (GPU) at Fajara.

Speaking at the decoration ceremony, Momodou Salieu Jallow, owner of Baxi Bombong Couture and a tailor by profession, explained that this is not the first time they have been recognizing excellence.

Jallow recalled that they’ve been engaging in this activity since 2019 and it is specialised on people that are able to impact the lives of people.

“The recipient (Momodou Lamin Joof) has been contributing tremendously in amplifying the voice of the voiceless, his stories has impacted communities and lives of people that really needed assistance.” he added.

The move to award people who are making tremendous inroads in society, he said, was in view of the fact that a lot of people have been doing well in their various ways, but are not recognised.

“I have presented awards to ST Brikama Boyo and Momodou Turo Darboe for helping and contributing to lives of the needy.” Jallow said.

Also speaking, Muhammed S. Bah, President of The Gambia Press Union (GPU) thanked the tailoring outfit for the initiative, saying journalists have been working hard continuously but only few recognise their effort.

He noted that recognizing a colleague in the media is a motivation and thus urged Mr. Joof to continue with the good work.

Dr Ismaila Ceesay, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Taranga FM said though everyone is working to serve ‘your nation’, but that being recognised in the process is also a plus and a push for one to do more.

He urged journalists to focus on stories that would amplify and impact the lives of the minorities and the less-privileged.

Receiving the award, Momodou Lamin Joof, who was overwhelmed with joy, said he was not doing his work to be recognised, instead to talk about issues that affect the society in the hopes of being solved.

“But if I am recognised and awarded along the line, I am honored. I want to thank the management of Taranga FM for setting a policy that allows us to publish such stories.”

The Boxi Bombong Couture located in Latrikunda Sabiji, is also focused on recognizing the work of people in the country.