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Fulbeh Africa holds consultation with partners

Mar 23, 2021, 1:23 PM

Fulbe Africa International (FA) has organized a day’s consultation with various partner associations in The Gambia at a ceremony held at a local hotel.

The forum attracted representatives of various Fulani groups in The Gambia. It was aimed at discussing with partners Fulbe Africa policies and agenda, as well as to inform these partners about some of the successes, challenges, and the way forward.

Alieu Sowe, president for Fulbe Africa (FA) in expressing delight with the work of members, affirmed that FA and partners are committed to promoting the Fulani cultural heritage.

“FA is committed to working with all partners that aims to promote the Fulani cultural heritage. But we will never be involved in any form of politics because this organisation aims to promote our culture and reunite Fulas.”

Sowe underscored the importance of the association’s annual anniversary, saying the annual event is designed to revive and reunite the Fulani cultural heritage and to make people understand their culture.

The annual anniversary, he added, also enables people from different countries to network for a common interest, recalling that during their last anniversary, international participants had the opportunity to network with potential business partners within Senegambia.

Amie Bah, vice president for Fulbe Africa said the organisation is ready to work with organisations that promote the Fulani culture.

“Therefore, we will not entertain any form of politics in this organisation,” she declared.

Momodou Sowe, secretary general for FA gave an overview of the organisation, saying the association had implemented various activities since its formation including teaching members to understand the Fulani scripts as well as organise seminar for journalists.

The association, he added, has succeeded in many things such as reviving the Fulani cultural heritage compared to previous years, “now many Fulas and non- Fulas alike are addressing in Fulas style.”

SG Sowe said FA also met Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MOBSE) officials mainly to commend it for introducing national languages in the curriculum.

“FA is also working with associations from diverse ethnic groups to reinforce unity and cooperation among Gambians.”  

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