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Apple Tree Int’l School holds 16th graduation

Jul 10, 2024, 7:58 AM

Apple Tree Internation School (ATIS) on Friday held its 16th graduation ad prize giving ceremony at a colourful ceremony held at the Sir Dawda Kairaba International Conference Centre in Bijilo.

The Class of 2024, numbering over 90, successfully underwent years of secondary education in the fields of Science, Arts and Commerce.

Established in 1997, the school in recent years continues to produce outstanding students, some of whom are now actively contributing to the country’s development endeavor.

Addressing the gathering, Ebunoha Clement, head of High School, congratulated the Class of 2024 for their achievement and dedication, calling on them to always put at the back of their minds that the recent transition is just the beginning of their academic pursuit.

To that end, he challenged them to be committed and dedicated in continuing their education up to the university level in view of the competitive job market and to serve as employers and not job seekers.

The head of the school equally advised the Class of 2024 not to engage in anti-social behaviors capable of putting their families to shame and always stay away from drugs.

He spoke about the consequence of substance abuse, further reminding that the menace doesn’t only affect the nerve system, but also has a tendency to tear the fabric of society.

Commenting on the popular ‘back-way’ syndrome mostly embarked on by youth, Clement advised youth to stay away from the menace as thousands of their colleagues have perished in high seas and hot desert in their attempt to seek greener pasture in the west.

He called on them to always serve as good ambassadors of Apple Tree and be curious and inquisitive in their attempt to swim in the fountain of knowledge.

Fatou Kantara, Head of Psychology Department and Career Wellness Counseling Centre, University of The Gambia, congratulated the Class of 2024, reminding that the day is a momentous day for the school, teachers, parents but most especially for the graduands.

She reminded the new graduands that the day marks another beginning of new possibilities and opportunities as well.

Madam Kantara called on the Class of 2024 that as they embark on a new chapter in their lives by choosing to pursue education away from their home, Apple Tree, they should always remember that that is a just a first step in their quest for higher learning.

She advised the outgoing students to always work towards meeting their aspirations, reminding that when one aspires to achieve something; that will actually encourage the person to focus on meeting that goal and moving forward.

Going into the world of endless challenges and opportunities, Kantara reminded that position and status are important, but that there are more important things to that, they can work towards fostering their academic life.

She also challenged them to maintain a balance of life and always prioritise and set goals that encompass not only their professional and academic achievements, but also on fostering relationships, among others.

Dawda Ndure, chairman of ATIS delivered the valedictory remarks.

The event, which was punctuated with sketch and choreography acts by students of the school, also witnessed presentation of certificates and awards to deserving students.

The 2024 ATIS graduation was attended by students, parents, guardians and a cross-section of the community.