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AIUWA Chancellor calls for more training among military personnel

May 21, 2021, 12:33 PM | Article By: Jarra Cham

The Chancellor of the American International University, West Africa School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dinesh A. Shukla has called for more capacity building in the area of medical and health among members of the Armed Force.

He made these remarks during a courtesy call by Nigerian Military Officers who are on a study tour on how The Gambia is handing Covid-19.

The theme for the meeting was the impact of Covid-19 on National Efforts Towards Improved Regional Security – American University’s Perspective.

The delegation to the AIUWA included members of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College (AFCSC) Senior Course 43 from Jaji, Nigeria who are in The Gambia from 14 – 21 May 2021 as part of its study tour of selected countries within the sub-region and beyond.

The AFCSC is one of the apex military training institutions for the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Mr. Shukla said the army plays a key role in their nation as the civilian populace trust them and mostly rely on them.

“The Armed Force is the central focus logistics, trained personnel that the civilian populace needwhether it is political, health. The Army plays a major role everywhere in the world,” he said.

However, he said the Army needs to be proactive and should be able to think about situations that are likely to happen in future.

Dr. Yankuba Kassamo, Provost School of Medicine and Health Sciences said security is paramount as it is one of the most dependable services and relied on by all to bring in stability.

“Security should be involved with every sector as security is everybody’s business,” he said.

Lieutenant Colonel Seedy Joof of The Gambia Armed Forces said Covid-19 is not only a health threat but also a security threat because when everybody gets sick, nobody is there to take care of the security.

The American International University, West Africa (AIUWA) is a registered and approved institution of higher education by Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology and Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Government of The Gambia.

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