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Afro-Euro Airlines trains over 40 youth on aviation security

Sep 20, 2021, 2:40 PM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

Amidst the growing need for safety in the aviation sector, Afro-Euro Airlines Security Services on Wednesday convened a ten-day training for over 40 youth on aviation security and protection.

The training organised by the Management of Afro-Euro Airlines, was held at Woodpecker hotel in Banjulinding.

Afro-Euro Airlines Security Services is a newly established Gambian private-ownedentity that seeks to expose participants to pre-requisite knowledge and skills to better understand the nature of the threats to civil aviation; to deepening their understanding from an international, regional and national perspective on airport procedures and operations.

The training is led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Afro-Euro Airline security service, Mr. Lamin Kassama, Modou Sowe General Manager, and Salifu Kujabi Airport operation Manager.  

Welcoming the participants, Modou Sowe, general manager of Afro-Euro Airlines Security Service explained that the training marks the first of its kind, as a company operating in the country, saying the security company is purposely established based on the growing needs for The Gambia to have its own airline security company, whereby the income generation or revenue from the Airlines will remain in the country.

Sowe stated that most of the Airline service providers are all foreigners and that 95% of the revenue generated from their Airline goes out of the country, which he said, is a big loss to the country.

This, he added, is one of the main reasons why they are up with this company dubbed- Afro-Euro- Airline Security Company to better serve the needs of the Gambian people, and to make sure that the revenue generated stays in the country for national development. 

“Afro-Euro Airlines is here to complement the efforts of Gambia Civil Aviation Authority and Gambia International Airlines in the implementation of security standards and recommended practices as assigned by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Airport Companies International ACT and International Air Transportation Administration (IATA).”

Those, he added, are the umbrella body of aviation protection and security and their work is to facilitate smooth air transportation from one destination to another. 

“Our aim is to protect any unlawful interference from anything.”

For his part, Lamin Kassama, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Afro-Euro Airlines, described the training as very ‘timely and important’, for aviation security. 

According to him, the CEOs of most of the airlines service providers are foreigners and this is what led to three young and experienced Gambians to develop a concept of establishing the company with the aim of boosting the country’s economy. 

 He sounds optimistic that with passion and commitment the Airlines Security Company will surely plough back revenue generated to the economy.