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ActionAid International The Gambia Eradicating Poverty Through Women’s Empowerment

May 22, 2020, 12:42 PM

It could be recalled that sometime in 2017 the European Commission (EC) through its European Development Fund issued a grant on Inclusive and Sustainable Growth to ActionAid International – The Gambia for the implementation of a project on Strengthening Women’s Economic Initiatives in southern Central River Region (CRR).

The objective of the project is to contribute to the promotion of women’s empowerment and participation in Central River Region (CRR) and to increase women’s access to and control over productive resources that empower them to participate in sustainable economic growth.  Through vegetable production, poultry and small ruminant management, batik, tie, and dye, provision of milling machines and cash support.

The Project Coordinator, Sarjo Camara, and Saidina Alieu Jarjou, Fundraising Manager just concluded a 4-day monitoring and evaluation (M&E) at the project sites and home visit to the beneficiaries. The M&E is aimed at assessing the impact of the project and to know the challenges they are confronted with in this ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the way forward for sustainability.

The coordinator said the project has improved the living conditions of over twenty thousand (20,000) women in CRR through vegetable production, poultry and small ruminant production, batik, tie and dye, cash support and the provision of milling machines to women groups/networks, community-based organizations and business associations.

Speaking on behalf of her colleagues Boto Camara, President of the kumbanney Women’s Garden and a beneficiary said the project has changed their living standards and the borehole serves as the source of safe drinking water for the community and its surrounding.

“I don’t remember when I last call my son for help since I can now provide it to myself. Imagine, my last harvest after sales I got two thousand Dalasis (D2,000) from the garden egg, ten thousand Dalasis (D10,000) on onion and one thousand two hundred Dalaisis (D1,200) on tomato, with a savings of twenty thousand Dalasis (D20,000),” she added.

On a similar note, Fatou Secka of Jokul Village who was issued a milling machine said before the intervention of EC and ActionAid, life was very difficult on her but now most of the family needs are being solved through the income generated from the milling machine. Also, she used part of it to purchase a groundnut paste grinding machine and rusting machine and has also dug a borehole tap which is providing water for her and the neighborhood.