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Minister Cole applauds Schools for abiding by Covid-19 health rules Minister Cole inside a classroom

Jul 21, 2020, 10:50 AM

Basic and secondary education minister, Claudiana Cole has applauded school administrations, teachers and students for abiding by the Covid-19 rules within their schools.

Addressing school authorities and teachers during her tour of schools in regions 5, 6 and 2 to assess the ongoing classes for grade 9, observe Covid-19 measures and observe the turn-out of grade 12 students in schools, Minister Cole emphasized the importance of wearing face mask during the pandemic.

“The schools I visited were all going fine when it comes to Covid-19 health measures which is social and physical distancing, availability of Covid-19 PPEs in schools, each student to a table, teachers, students and other employees within the school to respect Covid-19 health precautions,” she said.

According to her, wearing face masks in public is intended to prevent people from contaminating or transmitting Covid-19 virus.

“I appreciate the way things are going in schools. You are doing a great work and continue with the good spirit because Covid-19 is a global problem and fighting it requires collective efforts from all and sundry,” she explained.

She expressed happiness for the turn-out of grade 12 students in region 2 after being away from school for almost three-months as a result of the pandemic.

The minister and the team visited thirteen Upper Basic Schools in regions 5 and 6 and on Wednesday, they visited seven Senior Secondary Schools in regions 1 and 2.