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2021 Breast Feeding Art Expo underway

Feb 19, 2021, 1:03 PM | Article By: Yunus S. Saliu

A Gambian professional artist Ebrima Gitteh in collaboration with the National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC) recently launched a one-month long art exhibition under the theme ‘Empower Breast Feeding’. The exhibition was proudly sponsored by National Nutrition Agency (NaNA).

The art exhibition underway at National Centre for Arts and Culture opens at 8am daily and entrance is absolutely free.

Gitteh who is well specialised in portrait and realistic arts began his first international art exhibition dubbed ‘Painting for Charity’ in 2019 and later ‘The Cotton Trail’ Art in 2020 and the current event.

Among his acrylic on canvas works displayed at the ongoing exhibition include Chofel, Affection, The Throne, Motherly Bond, Mansa Mouso, and Breast Feeding.

Starting out his artistic career in 2017, Gitteh had the foresight to empower breast feeding, thus the theme of his 2021 art exhibition.

“When I was painting the woman breastfeeding her child, I was feeling the connection between the woman and the child. I felt the love between them, so I decided to do more on it to sensitise the public on the importance of child breastfeeding.”

Breastfeeding, says Gitteh is one of the most effective ways to ensure child health and survival. However, estimates indicate that nearly 2 out of 3 infants are not exclusively breastfed for the recommended 6 months, a rate that has not improved in 2 decades.

He observed that among other benefits of breastfeeding, it promotes bonding and development, noting that women who breastfeed have lower rates of breast cancer, provides superior nutrition for optimum growth, protects against infection and allergies as well as provides adequate water for hydration.

He thanked the sponsors NaNA and NCAC for making the event possible and as well extended appreciations to different stakeholders from NCAC and NaNA for their assistance and guidance.

About the Artist

Born in 1998 in Busumbala, Gitteh is a professional Gambian artist, who quickly fell in love at a tender age.

He paints both portrait and abstract, but concentrates more on portrait because he feels more comfortable with realistic paintings. Having developed keen interest in arts, he now sees the area as his destiny as he loves doing it every day.

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