World Bank assures Barrow of support to windstorm victims

Jul 14, 2021, 11:53 AM

State House, Banjul, 13th July 2021: President Adama Barrow Tuesday received the World Bank Country Director Nathan Belete, who was at the presidency to convey a message of appreciation on behalf of the World Bank and offer solidarity with the government in support of the July 7th windstorm victims.

Following his closed-door meeting with the president, Mr. Belete said the discussions centred on the prospects of improving the collaborations between the Bank and The Gambia. He said the President highlighted that encouraging public-private partnerships to enhance agriculture productivity and food security is crucial.

Mr. Belete commended The Gambia government for the swift management of the economy during the Covid pandemic. He also informed the media on discussions about the Banks’ current engagements in the health sector, including further collaborations for the delivery of covid-19 vaccines. He said the Bank is ready to compliment the Government’s efforts in the fight against the pandemic.

One of the highlights of the meeting, said Mr. Belete, was a discussion on how the World Bank can provide support to the families affected by the devastating windstorm that hit the country on the night of 7th July. Mr. Belete pledged the World Bank’s assistance to enable the victims of this natural disaster to get the timely help they need.