Sare Debo LBS risk losing 40 pupils

Jul 14, 2021, 11:56 AM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

Information has reached to this medium that over 40 children have not reported to the Sare Debo Lower Basic School (LBS) in the Upper Fulladou West District, Central River Region north (CRR/s), causing a great concern to the school management.

Speaking to a source on condition of anonymity, he said: “Today over 40 pupils have not reported to the school. All these children are denied school by their parents.” 

Over the past years, people who are regarded as noble clan and those regarded as slave clan of Sare Debo village have been clashing seriously over the village leadership. 

The Sare Debo School was brought to the community by European philanthropists with the help one Musa Baldeh from a noble family. 

However, the source said, all the children who failed to appear in the classrooms are from the people regarded as slaves.

“Their children were going to school continuously. But today some parents denied their children from going to school. This happened because the school sponsor has visited the village,” he explained.

 Samba P Baldeh, the school head teacher confirmed the mass absenteeism in the school but could not explain the reason behind the non-attendance of the pupils.

Subsequently, another source from the family who denied their children from going to the school said, “My brothers denied their children from going to school because they wanted the school’s sponsor to know there is no unity at the village.”  

He added that his brothers want the school's sponsor to facilitate unity in the community before returning to Europe.