Senegal grapples with mysterious disease

Nov 20, 2020, 10:11 AM

Senegal is pointing fingers at ships believed to be carrying toxic products as mysterious disease manifested in the country. It has affected nearly 700 people so far as the country equally battles with coronavirus disease (covid-19) – a pandemic that has affected every corner of the World.

The mysterious dermatological-type disease manifested by pimples on the face, arms, lips, private parts, as well as watery eyes, which made its appearance in Thiaroye Sur-mer is taking on worrying proportions, according to Seneweb news.

Mamadou Diop Thioune, member of the High Council of Territorial Collectivities (HCCT), also the national coordinator of Social Dialogue, Fisheries and Aquaculture, is reported to have told a source that this sudden onset of the disease is due to commercial boats that transport chemical products.

According to him, fish products may be infected by this liquid found at sea and which is likely to be the cause of the itchy skin.

“The fishermen who are exposed face extremely serious difficulties. We don't have a scientific mastery of the product, but what we can say is that it comes from shipping. There is the category of butane, gas ... These categories of maritime transport with safety requirements. So the SAR is also challenged on this issue,” he explains.

Calls have been made on the Ministry of Fisheries, the National Agency for Maritime Affairs, the High Authority for the Coordination of Maritime Safety and Security (HASSMAR), the National Navy and all those working in maritime concessions in order to stop this scourge which has affected nearly 700 fishermen.