Sare Gubu Basic Cycle grapples with inadequate resources

Mar 4, 2021, 12:30 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

Sare Gubu Basiru Basic Cycle school in the Sandu District, Upper River Region north (URR/n) lacks sufficient learning resources; The Point has been reliably informed.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source said the number of furniture in the school is very limited. “We have about seventy-five furniture (table and seat attached together). And there are about five hundred students in the school,” he said.

He said about three children share one bench and a table, adding this should not happen under normal circumstances.

“Sometimes we would improvise furniture for the students. They usually sit-down on the improvised benches uncomfortably. In fact, they cannot write properly due to the bumpiness of the improvised furniture.”

“Students need to sit comfortably to learn well. But if they are not comfortable, the teachers would explain but they would not understand,” the source said.

The source added that the shortage of furniture happened because government failed to supply the school with furniture for over a decade despite its expansion to basic cycle.

“The school has been expanded but the resources in include furniture, teachers quarters and school blocks are never increased,” he said.

Lack of Fence

The source revealed that lack of a fence is one of the horrible constraints the school currently faces, noting that livestock often intrude the school both day and night.

“Livestock such as cattle, goats, sheep and donkeys often get into the school due to the lack of fence. This is making teaching and learning very difficult. It is making the environment so uncomfortable and dirty,” the source said.

“An environment needs to be conducive for proper teaching and learning,” he added.

However, the source said sometimes the school’s management has to assign the residents and students to provide wood from bush to improvise a fence for the school.           

Inadequate Class room

The source further said the school lacks adequate class rooms to accommodate all the pupils comfortably, saying the number of classes (grades) is more than the classrooms in the school.

“The school has twelve (12) classes includes nine classes for lower basic and three classes for the upper basic. They are all in two blocks.”

He said the Early Childhood Development (ECD) class has no class room and added that the children have to take mats to the school in order to have learning session under a tree in the school with wind blowing and animal walking around.

“I have seen some pupils sent home for lack of space in the school,” he unravelled.

Inadequate teaching and learning material

The URR source said teaching and learning materials such as text books, vanguards, felt pens etc are so limited in the school.

“All the school is using one packet of felt pen,” the source noted.

Poor Teacher quarters

The source said the teachers’ quarter is so inadequate. “Twelve teachers are occupying four rooms in the quarters,” the source added.

“About four teachers would stay in one room. Some would lie in the bed while other lie on the floor,” he revealed.

The Point has also learnt that some teachers usually spend nights in small stores that are made for keeping materials or for cooking.

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