D665,000.00 civil case heard in chambers

Jul 15, 2021, 12:49 PM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The ongoing civil claims case filed by Alhagie Samba Bah (plaintiff) against Ebrima Mboow (defendant) resumed on 7 July 2021 and heard in chambers before Principal Magistrate Krubally of the Brusubi Magistrates’ Court.

On the resumption day all parties were present. The  plaintiff gave evidence but during his evidence, the defence counsel requested time to have an audience with his client, which was subsequently granted and the case was adjourned.

The plaintiff Alhagie Samba Bah is claiming the sum of six hundred and sixty five thousand dalasi (D665, 000.00) from the defendant Ebrima Mboow.

The plaintiff Alhagie Samba Bah claimed that he used his money amounting to D665, 000.00 to help the defendant Ebrima Mboow to be released on bail. However, since then the defendant has failed to settle the money despite several requests; it has landed them in court.

In presiding over the ex-parte motion dated 24th day of May 2021, principal magistrate Krubally said; having heard the applicant herein, Mr. Alhagie Samba Bah moved his motion with genuine prayers supported by 15 paragraphs affidavit containing relevant facts therein, I am satisfied, pursuant to the prayers contained in his motion considered with all the facts and circumstances in his affidavit in support, shall incline me to immediately grant the said prayers therein, based on that,  the honourable court orders the defendant Ebrima Mboow be immediately arrested by the Bailiff/Sheriff police officer.

He further ordered that the defendant Ebrima Mboow shall place or provide good, valid and sufficient security to the custodial egis court equivalent to the applicant claim of D665,000.00 with immediate effect and also the court ordered that if the said defendant herein Ebrima Mboow fails to comply with the same, he shall be remanded and shall not be released there from until he complies  with the order.