Samsudeen Sarr accused Jammeh of lying

Oct 18, 2021, 12:34 PM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

An APRC top militant Samsudeen Sarr yesterday estimated that 60% of the APRC militants that attended former President Yahya Jammeh’s phone call address at Kanilai were with the belief that in December 2021, the Russians will forcefully install Jammeh as President of The Gambia.


The militant who doesn’t support Jammeh’s decision to withdraw from forming an alliance with President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP), added that some of that APRC supporters believed that many people will be arrested and tortured in December, as Jammeh planned to regain the presidential seat.

Former President Yahya Jammeh on Friday expressed his disapproval of the APRC-NPP alliance by sacking the entire APRC executive. He further declared that the APRC would form an alliance with the Gambia Alliance for National Unity (GANU), a party that was form by Sheikh Tijan Hydara on 20 June 2021.

Jammehh further went and unveiled the new APRC executive as: Hon. Abdou Jarju, Hon. Bakaray Saibo Sanneh, Muhammed Lamin Jammeh, Yahya Bamba, Hon. Jerrending Sanyang, Hon Matarr Kujabi, Hon. Ebou Sambou, Hon. Omar Mamburay, Pa Modou Mbowe, Regina Williams and Habib Secka 

Dwelling on the NPP-APRC alliance, Mr. Sarr said Jammeh “didn’t speak the truth”, as they had informed him about the process, adding that he will expose any wrongdoing in this country if he sees it. 

“I was with Lang Tombong Tamba and the family members of Jammeh at the NPP Sukuta rally. Pa Bojang, Yahya Berreh Janneh and others were also in present. I want to tell those saying that the people didn’t turn out that the park was full of people and beautiful speeches were made. President Barrow is improving very well in his political speeches and I can say yesterday was among the most successful meetings.” 

“When I spoke with Fabakary, I knew that Jammeh ordered them to form a coalition with NPP. Why should people believe in Jammeh and disbelieve us, that is bias. The APRC has structure and procedures that throw out Jammeh’s declarations.”

He added that Fabakary as the interim party leader has the right to consult his executive and discuss who to expel or allow in APRC. Sarr further stated that there is no supreme leader in the APRC constitution, saying they just gave Jammeh that name to please him. 

Pa Modou Mbowe, another top APRC militant who supported Jammeh’s decision on the other hand, stated that he felt relieved after Jammeh’s comment because he sees nothing to lie about Jammeh. 

“You must have seen the number of people that were in Kanilai. The atmosphere is as if President Jammeh was there in Kanilai. If there is any NPP-whatever coalition, that would be 2% of the population of APRC,” he told Fatu Network. 

Speaking at the Sukuta rally, Lang Tombong Tamba also told President Adama Barrow that Jammeh’s close relatives are with him but a human being must accept God’s will. 

“If former President Jammeh doesn’t want you, that’s his problem. Yahya Jammeh doesn’t own the people, people own themselves. So we want to tell you that we the people of Foni are behind you. Let’s put Yahya Jammeh’s affair behind us and move on.”

In his response to people’s comments that he follows President Barrow because of his interest, Sarr said he wouldn’t mind because it’s for the best interest of the country.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta also reacted to Jammeh’s comments, and according Fatu Network, Mr. was speaking at Bwiam, saying APRC is not owned by anyone, it’s Gambia that owns it. 

“No one should be sad or angry. Ignore and let it not make anyone say anything that is said out of anger.

“What we know since yesterday is calmness, patience and discipline. They also said there is a new committee. That’s not an APRC committee,” he said.

“I think his people who left us to join GANU are those who are with GANU. They would either be independent or be GANU but APRC… I don’t know about the future but it’s us who are in charge of the party today.”

For Ousman Rambo Jatta the pronouncement did not shake them but motivates them.