PURA warn against abusive, incendiary language on radios

Nov 16, 2020, 10:53 AM

PURA says it is concerned with the proliferation of abusive, uncouth and incendiary language on some radio stations in the country, warning such actions would not be tolerated in the country.

“Whilst the Authority has continually advocated for the development of a free, independent and democratic media space, certain actions will not be tolerated. 
The Authority in its drive to ensure media plurality welcomes interactive radio programming in the form of call-ins and online loops; these platforms however are degenerating into platforms for abuse through the constant use of insults and unsavory language antithetical to the cultural norms and values of Gambian society. In addition, it has come to the attention of the Authority that some stations are playing uncensored music with graphic language during peak daytime hours especially. Broadcasters are hereby requested to actively moderate call-ins and live programs.
Section 238(1)(k) of the IC Act 2009 requires licensees to store sound and video recordings of all programmes for a period of 3 months. The Authority shall conduct monitoring visits in this regard to all licensees to ensure adherence to these provisions.
As a final note of caution, all radio station owners are hereby warned to devise programming per the tenets of the IC Act, Individual Radio Station Licenses and the Broadcasting Code of Conduct. Failure to do so shall result in enforcement action against default licensees as per the provisions of the PURA Act, IC Act and relevant broadcasting regulations.
Whilst the Authority remains resolved to actively monitor the content of all broadcasting stations, the general public is also urged to report any instances of the use of abusive and foul language on any broadcast platform by calling the Authority’s toll-free line 148 (free of charge).
Compliance by all broadcast providers is expected.”

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