Prosecution to call 3 more witnesses in Yankuba’s trial

Apr 28, 2020, 1:15 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

State Counsel A.M. Yusuf yesterday told the High Court in Banjul before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh that the prosecution would call three more witnesses in the murder case involving Yankuba Touray. He added that they received a call from the TRRC that they are putting more effort to produce the statement requested by Defence Counsel Sissoho.

Counsel Sissoho then told the court that the prosecution could call their next witness to testify while waiting for the availability of the statement. State Counsel Yusuf had informed the court that he would do his best to call their witnesses to make progress.

The case was subsequently adjourned to the 30th April, 2020, for the 7th prosecution witness to testify, and the presiding judge ordered for a hearing notice to be served on the prison officers for Yankuba Touray, who did not appear during the last sitting.

  It could be recalled that Defence Counsel Abdoulie Sissoho on the 6th April, 2020, told the court that the TRRC has not complied with the court order when the commission was subpoenaed to produce a statement made by Alagie Kanyi. He added that the report brought by Mariama Singhateh from the commission was not the proper one.

Mariama Singhateh informed the court that the statement she produced before the court did not mention anything in respect of the death of Koro Ceesay at the TRRC. She stated that the investigators recorded the statement. She further told the court that statements are used as a guide by counsels in re-examining witnesses, noting that they are not taken under oath. She revealed that the statement was unsigned.

Counsel Sissoho also told the court that he wanted the statement at the TRRC where Alagie Kanyi mentioned the death of Koro Ceesay.

A.M. Yusuf, the state counsel reacted stating that the defence counsel wanted the statement and Mariama Singhateh had said that the statement was not part of Alagie Kanyi’s evidence in respect of Koro Ceesay’s death.

Counsel Sissoho insisted that Mariama Singhateh should check the recorded statement of Alagie Kanyi, but Mrs. Singhateh informed the court that she needed time to check the statement.  As a result, the unsigned statement brought by Mrs. Singhateh was returned to her.

The state counsel suggested that Alagie Kanyi could get into the witness box so that Counsel Sissoho could cross-examine him to make progress. He said that Alagie Kanyi could be recalled whenever he is needed by the court for further cross-examination.

Alagie Kanyi then got into the witness box to be cross-examined but the defence counsel said that with the ruling made earlier by the court, he had no further questions for Alagie Kanyi.

The state counsel then informed the court that he was not going to re-examine Alagie Kanyi and applied for the court to discharge him, which was done. He also applied for an adjournment because of the state of emergency and social distancing.

The case was adjourned to the 27th April, 2020, for Mariama Singhateh to report back to the court whether she has found the statement made by Alagie Kanyi at the TRRC.