Madi Jobarteh signals imminent dictatorship era

Jul 13, 2020, 11:44 AM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

A prominent human rights advocate, Madi Jobarteh, says he was extremely infuriated by the withdrawal of charges against him by the police.

He added that in the first place he should not have been called to the police station to be subjected to what he considered to be “kidnapping”.
Mr. Jobarteh who is also the country’s representative of the Westminster Foundation was speaking during an exclusive interview with The Point.
Mr. Jobarteh was charged by the police with false information and broadcasting in accordance with Section 181A (1) of the criminal code and he was later granted police bail with a Gambian surety, deposited the sum of D50,000 before the police finally dropped the charges against him last week.
Mr. Jobarteh told The Point that he is even more worried that this incident adds to a series of infringements perpetrated by the state against citizens.
“The presence of draconian laws as the one with which I was charged and the attitude of public institutions such as the police to abuse their powers just like that indicate a clear and present threat to citizens’ rights and a move towards dictatorship and away from democracy,” he pointed.
Meanwhile, a letter from the IGP states: “In the spirit of national unity and in recognition of your tremendous efforts in striking a compromise in this saga, I am happy to announce that as the IGP, we are dropping all charges against Mr. Jobarteh as from today.”
The IGP further states that no further action will be taken against Mr. Jobarteh as far as this matter is concerned.