Police superintendent gives evidence in coup trial

Mar 24, 2023, 11:46 AM | Article By: Ali Jaw

A police superintendent of the Serious Crime Unit, Jally Senghore, yesterday appeared before the high court of The Gambia to give evidence as prosecution witness.

The witness began his testimony by identifying the Lance Corporal Sana Fadera (1st Accused), Private Gibril Darboe (2nd accused), Corporal Ebrima Sannoh (3rd accused) and Coporal Omar Njie (4th accused), whom he said he interacted with as a member of the joint investigation team. For the fifth accused, he said they were at the same office at the Serious Crime Unit

“The fifth accused person [Fabakary Jawara], we were at the same office at the Serious Crime Unit,” the witness said.

The witness said in his testimony that, sometime in December 2022, he was assigned to a task force to investigate the coup plot of December 2022. He later said the accused persons were brought before the panel.

Testifying further, Mr Senghore acknowledged having administered the statements of Gibril Darboe, explaining that he gave the accused person an option either “for him to write his own statements or it be written for him”.

Superintended Senghore added that the cautionary wordings were administered, and that cautionary and voluntary statements were written.

Upon completion, he posited, the statements were given to Gibril Darboe to go through and he was satisfied. Then Gibril Darboe signed the statement.

“The same procedure was followed in making the voluntary and cautionary statements of Omar Njie,” the witness explained.

According to the witness, one Baba Colley of Banjul, who was present prior to the making of the statement, served as an independent witness.

Responding to a question by State Counsel A.M. Yusuf, the witness said he could identify the statements. “My name is written on it as the recorder,” he told the crowded court.

Documents were placed before the witness, which he identified as the cautionary and voluntary statements of Gibril Darboe. State Counsel Yusuf applied to tender the documents as evidence.

Gibril Darboe’s voluntary and cautionary statements were both admitted as evidence without any objection from the defence.

The statement of Omar Njie (4th accused) was also identified. However, F.S. Jammeh, defence counsel for Omar Njie, objected to admission of the various evidence.