Ousmane Sonko’s accuser Adji Sarr speaks

Mar 19, 2021, 11:53 AM

The woman who accused Senegalese opposition leader of rape has spoken with fresh allegations.

The Senegalese media revealed even if she was not all the time "clear and concise" in her words, the young girl still challenged the leader of Pastef on one point: that of having had sex with him. With her head bowed most of the time of the interview, revealing some regret about the turn of the matter, Adji Sarr changed her posture as she said these sentences. "I don't even talk about the rape anymore, but Ousmane Sonko swears after performing his ablution correctly that he has never had any sexual intercourse with me," she challenged.

Surrounded by her lawyer Me El Hadj Diouf and some members of her family, she also indicated that Ousmane Sonko did not hesitate a few times to tell her about his family troubles. According her, she is neither used by Macky Sall to tarnish Sonko’s image nor had she ever met Sall.

"It happened to him to speak about his wives and the small quarrels which existed between them," she revealed in an interview with Leral TV. She also revealed that she is now pregnant for Sonko.