Sonko wins against UDP

Mar 19, 2021, 11:58 AM

The Supreme of The Gambia Thursday ruled that Sheriffo Sonko, the chairman of the Brikama Area Council should keep his job following his sacking by the United Democratic Party (UDP).

Last year, UDP sacked Sonko with two other councilors in the West Coast Region on the grounds that they were not complying with the rules and regulation of the party.

Relying on the Local Government laws, the party expected Sonko and co to lose their seats automatically because the law states that any elected official loses his/her seat once his/her party sacks them. However, the matter ended, with Supreme Court declaring that law as unconstitutional.

The UDP Spokesperson Almamy Taal told The Fatu Network the Supreme Court is now saying the law that his party relied on “is unconstitutional.”