Nianija chief accused of illegal seizure of properties

Feb 10, 2021, 11:10 AM

Pateh Bah, a native of Buduck village in Nianija District, Central River Region, has accused Chief Dawda York of illegally seizing their properties.

Mr. Bah said Chief York took all their family lands including rice, groundnut and coose (early millet) farm lands.

He added that some of these farms were taken from them during former Chief Alasan Devid Cham’s tenure.

He further said that the lands were confiscated from them in 2015, noting that he had lodged a complaint at Human Rights Office, Interior and Justice ministries.

He also said the Ministry of Justice gave him letters, which he delivered at the Governor’s Office and to Chief Dawda York.

He stated that Chief York felled over 170 trees planted in one of the farms after taking it from his family.

He said Chief York in addition destroyed his coose farm, adding that Chief York and his family frequently physically attack his family.

“Our lives are in danger in Buduck,” he said, while describing Chief York as corrupt. He further alleged that the chief diverted some items - solar panels that were meant for the village for his family use including two millings machines.

Mr. Bah therefore called on government to take action against Chief York.

When contacted, Chief Dawda York denied the allegations, saying he has no clue about the said lands that Bah is claiming.

Meanwhile, it could be recalled that Chief York was last October named in an alleged bribery scandal.

The Nianija Chief was alleged to have taken more than D80, 000 from one Alhagie Modou Ceesay of Kerr Katim village in Naimina East District of CRR South on various occasions in order to rule in Alhaji’s favour in a District Tribunal land dispute he (Dawda York) and three other district chiefs of CRR had presided over.