Network of Arab and African journalists take part in campaign against slavery in Mauritania

Nov 17, 2022, 9:48 AM

The International Network of Arab and African Journalists, on Tuesday, November 14, presided over the launch of the convoy "Let's turn the page on slavery" from the Mauritanian town of Rosso, located 200 km from the capital Nouakchott, under the supervision of the Mauritanian National Human Rights Commission, as part of Mauritania's efforts to eradicate slavery in the country.

The Network's participation in this campaign followed the invitation of the National Human Rights Commission, which wanted to inform the Network of the progress made in the fight against slavery in Mauritania, as well as the next steps, in particular the application of legislation and laws criminalising the phenomenon and the complaint mechanisms that the Commission offers to citizens to denounce any case of slavery in their immediate surroundings.

On this occasion, the Network was represented by its President, Mr. Cheikh Tidiane Diouwara and a journalist member of the Network, Ms. Monia Ghanmi, respectively coming directly from Switzerland and Tunisia.

The President of the Network praised the efforts made by Mauritania and the political will of the country's government to combat all cases of slavery in Mauritania, specifying that its definitive eradication will require the commitment of all partners, whether local or international.

It should be noted that the presence of the Network in this campaign for the respect of human rights in Mauritania is part of its mission to highlight efforts related to sustainable development in Africa and the Arab world, and the objectives it aims to achieve, in particular those relating to the fight against trafficking in human beings and all forms of organised crimes in these regions.