NEK to start wind energy developments in Gambia 

Nov 23, 2021, 11:28 AM

As is well known, The Gambia is pursuing very ambitious goals with regard to the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement as well as the results of the COP26 event in Glasgow.

The government wants to achieve that the entire population has access to electricity by 2025 and that the majority of this should come from renewable energy sources.

At a meeting in Banjul on 8 November 2021 between the President of The Gambia, HE Adama Barrow, and the CEO of NEK, Dr. Christoph Kapp, it was agreed that NEK will develop wind projects with a capacity of up to 250 MW at locations in the country that have yet to be defined, and then connect them to the newly constructed 225 kV line, which will have sufficient capacity to absorb the energy produced.

After the December 2021 elections, an MoU will be signed between the Government of The Gambia and NEK defining the key aspects of this project development. Subsequently, initial wind measurements will be taken at selected sites and the necessary foundations for the approval process will be developed.