Hon. Magassy says Barrow ‘will bring university, airport in Basse’

Nov 16, 2021, 11:32 AM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Hon Muhammad Magassy, the National Assembly Member (NAM) for Basse Constituency on Sunday promised his people that President Adama Barrow will build a university and airport in Basse when re-elected president. 

Speaking at a rally, he emphasised that President Barrow is not a politician but a developer. 

“If you focus on his speeches, you will realise that he knows what to say. We have realised what he did for this region and if we vote him again, he will bring university to Basse and the second airport will also be in Basse.”

The lawmaker said Barrow will also build a big district hospital and provide 24 hours electricity to Basse. He added that it’s because of the president that the country has many televisions stations, saying that’s a sign of the democracy he has promoted in the country.

Matthew Gomez, a disqualified independent aspiring candidate called on Gambians to stay away from violence. 

“I want everyone to come and join the president because he is a man of peace and never tolerate violence. He develops this place in which we are all aware, it’s now left for us to return him gratitude by voting him come December 4th.”

Minister Musa Drammeh emphasised that everybody has seen the achievements President Barrow in the provision of water and electricity. 

“He also plans to bring more development in URR ranging from more water, electricity and roads. It is only President Barrow who gives you rice, sugar, oil and money for free. He also built several roads across the country.”

Minister Hamat Bah told supporters that since Barrow assumed office, the development that has taken place in URR never happened in any other region across the country.