NAWEC  says its Bijilo Substation is overloaded 

Feb 11, 2022, 11:25 AM | Article By: Ismaila Sonko

The Public Relations Officer at the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has said that the company’s substation in Bijilo is overloaded and could not keep it running for 24/7, forcing the country’s only energy supplier to create a substation in Jabang.



Pierre Sylva was speaking to the press during a site visit to the two NAWEC substations in the West Coast Region on Thursday.

“We get the media as our communicators to show and take them through the two sub stations to show them what is happening in Bijilo and Jabang because there have been some interventions that we have done to make sure we decongest these substations,” he said.

Benedict Jarju, manager, Quality, Standard Transmission and Distribution in Fajara, said the Bijilo Substation is one of the seventh hub supply points within the NAWEC network. “This is the central area that provides energy to the sub areas of NAWEC network. When energy is generated, it sends to the seven points and then distributed among the wider population.” 

Mr. Jarju added that Bijilo has the capacity of 15 megawatts which is around the limit and that’s why a new substation in Jabang was built. 

“And due to the overload, we shifted loads from Bijilo to Kotu Power Station. We have two transmission lines that are interconnected. If you can see from Kotu Power Station and Bijilo Substation, parts of Bijilo load have been transferred to Kotu Power Station. Even after doing this transfer, we still have power loads that we need to share because we are above the limits of the Bijilo Substation.” 

Mr. Jarju explained that Bijilo has four fitters; one is dedicated to water, electricity, boreholes and the other for hotels along the Senegambia area. The third is for Tranquil and Brusubi.