Kandeh faults Barrow for not fulfilling promises

Sep 14, 2021, 12:48 PM | Article By: pa Modou Cham

The secretary general and party leader of The Gambia Democratic Party (GDC), Mamma Kandeh, over the weekend called on Gambians to open their eyes because President Adama Barrow had lied to the citizens by failing to fulfill his promises. 

Speaking in a rally at Farafenni, Kandeh explained that, “President Adama Barrow lied to the people in 2016 that he would serve for 3 years, implement security sector reform and the civil service. He also promised to bring a new constitution because the 1997 was not good; to establish a commission to investigate Jammeh’s financial dealings, and established the TRRC to investigate the injustice during Jammeh’s tenure within 3 years.”

“This is what they promised to do in three years but it’s five years now and nothing has been completed. I said this because there is no security sector reform, the Janneh Commission is being violated, he served more than three and the TRRC is not completed. They sold Jammeh’s properties, which they have no right to do so.”

The politician further stated that the draft constitution stated a term limit and that didn’t favour Barrow because he thought the Constitution was to be drafted based on his interest. 

He added that leading people without telling them the truth and misusing public funds are the reasons that bring problems in Africa, while adding that the party created on lies, always thinks that the politics of lying is the order of the day. 

Dwelling on the Guinea political impasse, the GDC leader clarified that his party is not in support of an unconstitutional change of government but he congratulates Colonel Doubuya and the people of Guinea. 

“My advice to him is to hand over power to civilians so that he could continue to be a hero and go back to the army camp. But to ECOWAS and AU, what are the root causes of Coup de Etat?, where were they when Alpha Conde was killing his people in Guinea and amended Guinea’s Constitution for his personal interest?. Over 300 people were killed during the last Presidential elections in Guinea and I never heard anybody condemning the wrongdoing.” 

He said it’s time for Africans to find ways of moving Africa forward, saying since the colonial time to date, many coup de etats took place and change has never been seen.