Justice Minister Returns Dr. Banja’s alleged corruption file to IGP’s office

Dec 23, 2020, 11:40 AM | Article By: Sankulleh Gibril Janko

The Minister of Justice Dawda Jallow has returned the police report on the alleged corruption case involving the permanent secretary of Fisheries and Water Resources, Dr. Bamba Banja to the office of the Inspector General of Police for further review.

An investigation into alleged corruption involving the top government official was conducted by the police and a report was sent to the Justice Ministry upon completion for advice to the government.

It is expected that the government -that claims not to be condoning any act of corruption-makes a decision on the matter. However, the authorities seem to be delaying the decision even though investigation had been completed by the police.

The Government Spokesperson Ebrima Sankareh on Tuesday told West Coast Radio that the report has in fact been sent back to the police for further scrutiny.

“The justice minister finally reviewed the case file and they feel there are some gaps that needed to be filled and they have been returned file back to the Inspector General of Police’s desk for further review and resubmission to the Justice Ministry,” Ebrima said.

Dr. Bamba Banja has been accused of corruption including accepting bribery.

He has been sent on administrative leave by the government since the allegations emerged recently.