‘Jammeh covers-up his lies to imprison 3 top officials’

Apr 1, 2021, 11:45 AM | Article By: Pa Modou Cham

Lawyer Lamin K. Mboge, yesterday in his second day of testimony before the TRRC revealed that former President Yahya Jammeh ordered the imprisonment of former Attorney General Harry Sambou, former Secretary General Njogu Bah and his personal assistant, Momodou Sabally just to cover-up his lies.

"Yahya Jammeh signed an order for Justice Wowo to be arrested, detained and tried but when he realised that Justice Wowo had American citizenship and the ambassador raised concerns over the illegalities under which Wowo was arrested, Jammeh withdrew his orders and blamed former Attorney General, Njoigo Bah and Sabally for responsible of Wowo's arrest."

Lawyer Mboge said the three top authorities were tried in court and on the judgment day, they had hope for possible discharge.  He added that the court was slated for 10 a.m. but the judge was in his chambers till 1 p.m. and the information they heard was that some plain clothes officers were in the judge's chambers to change his judgment in order to convict the three authorities.

"Jammeh imprisoned the three just to cover-up his lie."

The witness continued that many things had happened in the country during Jammeh's 22 year rule. He added that Mai Fatty's accident was not normal, saying it was planned by a group of people who worked for Jammeh to eliminate Fatty from the judiciary.

In an attempt to eliminate him (Mboge), he further testified that in 2006 during the treason trial, one NIA officer, Lamin Bojang came to his car that was parked in his compound at Brikama. 

"I was called and upon arrival, I saw him running with a black and tinted glass car. I suspected that it was the NIA because they were the people who drove those kinds of vehicles."

In a different trap, the witness testified that a similar thing happened on another occasion as he carried his family to the village for a Tobaski feast.

"In another planned accident with a truck in 2016, I was pronounced dead but thank God we are alive because I was in the car with my five family members including my wife."

He told the commission that in 2016, some marked men, dressed in black were in search of him to eliminate him but to no avail. 

In 2009, in a case involving Lang Tombong Tamba, in which he represented Sarjo Fofana, the witness said he was later arrested, charged and remanded in custody. He added that his case was politically motivated.

Mboge confirmed to the commission that he later supported Jammeh's government on condition to get discharged from court.

"I supported Jammeh and even campaigned for him. I publicly announced my loyalty to him and later established the Rival Bar Association. "

After long debate with Lead Counsel Essa Faal on many legal terms, the witness finally accepted being used by Jammeh against his colleagues.

In his concluding remarks, he called on the government to help the judiciary with funds for capacity building. He also called on the state to act fast in addressing the ‘slave’ issues in the Upper River Region.